Before Submitting

To speed up the review and publication process, authors should make sure that their manuscript meets the journal requirements, and fits within the stated scope of the journal.

Thus, before submission of your final manuscript, review all of the “Instructions to Authors” on the Springer website for JARO, and here on the JARO-Online site. It is often a good idea to do this before you even begin writing the manuscript, if you know that it will be submitted to JARO. Be sure your paper complies with all of the instructions, including figure formatting, statistics formatting, word limit guidelines, page numbering, line numbering, and the types of acceptable supplemental material. Also check to be sure that your references are in order, complete, and cross-checked. The use of reference management software is recommended, such as BiBTeX, EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, etc., as these can minimize the errors in citations.

Papers that do not meet the guidelines may be returned without review.

When submitting a revised manuscript, provide a document that fully describes your response to the reviewers, as well as a tracked (redlined) copy of the manuscript indicating all changes. Make sure that you respond to all requests of the reviewers and editors. Be respectful of the reviewers and the editors.

We also strongly suggest that you read this editorial before submitting.