Figure Guidelines

The following new guidelines for Figures for JARO were phased in beginning in April, 2012. These guidelines are also on the Springer website for JARO.

Additional Figure Guidelines:

*Please do not submit figures embedded in PDF, PowerPoint, or Word .doc/.docx files (Note a). Appropriate formats include TIFF files for photographic images (do not use JPEG or GIF), and EPS files for line drawings and graphs. Figures that contain both images and line drawings of graphs can also be submitted as EPS files.

All panels of a given figure must be in a single file.

Top and right axes: Do not include right and top axes unless they are for data that is plotted on a different scale than the opposing axis. Do not box the figure panels with lines. (See note b and “Bad Graphs below”)

Frames: Remove ALL frames from around figure panels (see below).

Horizontal and Vertical Gridlines: Horizontal and vertical gridlines should be removed from all graphs/histograms, unless they are there to indicate specific values, or the graph is a 3-D plot, for which such gridlines provide perspective.

Shading: Do not use shaded backgrounds on data plots, except to indicate regions of statistical significance.

Legends: Legends associated with images and plots that indicate the relationship between symbols, line styles, colors, etc. are acceptable. Whenever possible, the legend should be placed so that it fits within the space of the plot. In some cases, the legend information may be better expressed in the figure legend text. *

Graphs that meet Guidelines

Graphs that meet the guidelines will not have extra “chart junk” on them (grid lines, 3D shading, etc), and will show individual data sets as well as some statistical information (standard deviations, quartiles, or confidence limits are preferred, but standard errors are often used). Boxes around the graphs are not necessary (use “box off” in MATLAB).

Good Graphs

Bad Graphs


a: This differs from the previous instructions. However, figures should be uploaded as separate files in a format suitable for production even in the first submission of the manuscript.

b: The example figure on the Springer website for JARO does not conform to this guideline.